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King Palm Flavor 5 Pack


Irish Cream

King Palm’s delicious Irish Cream natural pre-rolled cones are a heavenly fusion of creamy chocolate and nutty vanilla flavors will keep you satisfied. The pre-rolled cones are made with King Palm’s famously smooth palm wraps. Squeeze and pop the end to infuse your smoke with the luscious Irish Cream flavor for a completely unique taste. May the luck of the leaf be with you.

Banana Cream

Who doesn’t love a little banana? Now, thanks to King Palm’s Banana Cream Mini 5-Pack, you can get a taste of your favorite fruit in every cloudy puff.

Berry Terp

King Palm’s Berry Terp Minis bring you doses of mouth-watery, juicy fruit with each hit. Included with our 5-pack of Berry Terp Minis is our signature bamboo packing stick, so you can easily load your dry herb and start the sesh. 

Pine Drip

Hit your smoke with the extra flavor of juicy pineapple added to it with natural terpenes. King Palm introduces a more efficient technique for improving any smoke taste. There is no pineapple flavored rolling paper that can compare with the Pine Drip flavor, and that’s because of our innovative flavor delivering filter tips.

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