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Focus V Carta Electronic Dab Rig - Laser Edition


The Focus V Carta presents its laser edition with a stylish variety of new colors and LED lights at its base to illuminate the two-toned inspired glass bubble tops and turn your dabbing experience into a psychedelic show.

The Focus V Carta provides the unique option of battery power taking portability of e-dabbing to the next step giving you the choice of powering using two 18350 batteries or charging via USB. Removable glass top for increased portability. Not sacrificing convenience for power the Carta electronic dab rig offers 4 temperature presets ranging from 600F to 940F and further customizability within the Focus V CARTA app. 

Knowing memory can get a little foggy when dabbing, the Focus V Carta also includes a dab counter and haptic feedback to keep you aware of your dab rig's status.

The Focus V Carta kit includes a titanium and quartz bucket for your atomizer. Quartz bucket is best for quick heating and flavorful hits while the titanium bucket is best for sustaining high temperatures.

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