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Thirsty 3500 Puff


To vapers, the Thirsty Disposable Vape sounds like an island getaway. It's called thirst, and it tastes like a fruity cocktail with notes of creaminess, fruit, and juiciness. So, sure, it'll probably satisfy your thirst. When you inhale this e-liquid, you'll taste the juicy passion fruit that went into it. It might even give you a creamy feeling, which would be incredible.

The combination of sweet fruits and tart passion fruit is sure to be delicious. The flavors are having a blast and making their way down your throat while you feel them having a great time and making their way down.

The Thirsty Disposable Vape has 5% Nicotine and provides you with 3500 puffs of enjoyment. Settle in for a taste of something fresh and different.

Thirsty Disposable Vape: Features

  • 10.0 mL each vape pen, with a nicotine content of 5 percent by weight
  • There are about 3500 puffs.
  • Salt nicotine is used in this recipe.
  • Internal battery with 800 mAh capacity that has been loaded and charged
  • Rechargeable USB Type-C port
  • The firing mechanism is activated by drawing a lever.v
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