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Oliva cigars enjoy a tremendous fan base among both novices and well -seasoned smokers that enjoy a delicious, meticulously handcrafted premium cigar that’s second to none.

Furthermore, as one of the largest tobacco growers in all of Nicaragua, Oliva is able to procure the finest top-grade tobaccos, many of which are grown on their huge multiacre farms located throughout the country.

Oliva has an expansive portfolio of fine handmade premium cigars, in various strength profiles, and price ranges, so selecting your perfect blend has never been easier. This extensive lineup includes the creamy smooth, mellow to medium bodied Oliva Connecticut Reserve, and the medium bodied Serie G and Serie O, both available in your choice of EMS and Maduro wrappers.

For fans of bold Cuban-style smokes, Oliva has you covered with the medium to full bodied Serie V, the rare and delicious Oliva Master Blends 3, and many more.

In addition, Oliva is responsible for the groundbreaking Nub Series fashioned in a short fat (4 x60) size designed to hit the proverbial “sweet spot” the moment you light one up. Coffee lovers will also crave the Nub because it features Single Roast, Double Roast, and Triple Roast blends that feature premium Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with the finest Nicaraguan coffee beans.

Every Oliva cigar is designed for the serious smoker who wants nothing less than carefully crafted construction, time-honored tradition, and unparalleled enjoyment.

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