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Pulsar APX


The APX Wax was a big favorite among concentrate vapers who want a compact and sleek on the go pen. Now it has a brand new upgraded version in the APX Wax V3 that has all the great features of the V2 and adds some more features to make it even more quality and versatile. It has a large 1100mAh battery that will last average vapers the whole day and a triple quartz atomizer for big and tasty rips. It has a new and enhanced LED display that is really easy to read, a 2 click hands-free power mode, and the V3 has updated USB type C fast charging so it can charge up quick and get back to vaping.


- 1100mAh Battery
- Triple Quartz Coil Atomizer
- Hands-Free Power Mode
- Variable Voltage
- Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
- Fast Heat Up Time

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